My First Song & Its Origins


I know it has taken me a little bit of time to get back to this but I think I am finally ready to upload some actual content to this blog. I thought a good place to start would be to share with you the very first song I produced by myself and a little bit about my history with music production. The song itself is called “Wilhelm Scream” and to anyone who is familiar with the music of James Blake it is immediately obvious that this is an interpretation of one of his songs… well actually one of his dad’s songs let’s not get too technical.

James Blake

For those unfamiliar, James Blake is an electronic musician that has been releasing music for about 7/8 years now and has quickly become one of my favourite musicians. I remember first buying his albums on a whim when I was a sixth form student studying for my A-levels in year 13. My friends and I used to visit the uni library in Leeds city centre so in order to take a break I would go wander round town with my mates to get lunch or browse shops. I hadn’t heard many songs by him, maybe “Retrograde” was the only one I had heard but I liked it enough to buy his self-titled debut album as well as “Overgrown”, its follow-up. I remember being amazed at his music from the first listen, and his first one particularly resonated with me. I still think it his best work. What I have enjoyed most about James Blake is how interesting his production is and to me that is most prominent on his first album. There is so much going on, a lot of it can be very bizarre and glitch-y but that all adds to a stellar finished product. However, his focus has definitely shifted over the course of his career. To me it seems that as he grows as an artist he is developing his style more lyrically than musically which isn’t a bad thing by any means but it just seems to be missing something.

Back to Me

 Anyway, as it can be seen that James Blake is one of my favourite artists which is where my interpretation of one of his songs comes from. This song was created by me in my first year of university and it was my first real solo introduction in to music production which has now developed in to a big hobby of mine. I learned a lot in making this certainly about the types of songs I liked to make and the techniques I could use to make them. Whilst it certainly isn’t a perfect song by any means, it’s the first one that I was truly satisfied to call finished. As a creator it can be hard to know when you are truly done with something like this but I felt happy with what I had created and so that’s when I knew. It is obviously quite different to James Blake’s version of the song but I thought I’d try my hand at making my own personal version using the melody he had created and turn it in to something different. Well that’s about as much as I want to say about this really so here is the song and I hope anyone listening enjoys it.

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